This account has been set up for my uncle. Ron Young is a singer, songwriter, journalist, historian, and one of the nicest guys I know.

Three years ago, Uncle Ronny was diagnosed with cancer. It was difficult news, and a challenging road to recovery.

But with persistence and faith (and a lot of help from guanabana juice), he had a successful surgery to remove the cancer, and started on the road to recovery

There have been a few bumps on that road. The most recent, and most serious, came a few days ago, when doctors found a tumor on Uncle Ronny's brain. It's not the news we've hoped for, but we've fought through every challenge so far, and we'll fight through this one together.

We are so truly grateful to everyone who has reached out to help, either to visit with him, offer messages of love and support, or to raise funds to pay for his treatment (like too many musicians, Uncle Ronny doesn't have health insurance coverage). And that's how you can help today.

Every donation, however small or however large, will help my uncle continue his fight. And everyone who helps share this page - on Twitter, on Facebook, and by word of mouth - will help us fight with him.

So please donate, please spread the word, and thank you kindly for your time and support!

-- Nikki Young

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