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Young & Restless

Photo by: Clyde Kimsey

Young was bitten by the Hank Williams bug when he was 2 years old, and the effects can still be heard in many of the songs he writes today. Bob Dylan and Paul Simon as well as Michael Nesmith of the Monkees have also influenced Ron's songwriting. With his country-rock song "Dreams Are Growing Wild," he landed his first publishing deal with the Nashville-based Buckhorn Music group, owned by songwriting legend Maryjohn Wilkins, author of "The Long Black Veil," among others. In the late 1960's, the publishing house also nurtured a young Kris Kristofferson, so Young was in good company. Young can make the claim that he had more songs written for Buckhorn than any other house writer, including Kristofferson. During his 14 years (1995-2009) in Nashville he wrote for various publishers. But while he has had several of his songs recorded none have been big hits. Currently, he is represented in Nashville by the New Penny Music Group and by his own Wild Dreams Publishing.

Longtime friend Hank Harrison was the driving force behind "Under the Texas Radar." Both he and Mary Ann Cornelius were the nucleus of the musicians who helped Ron record his new CD. Harrison is a music historian who also hosts "The Hillbilly Hit Parade" radio program every Sunday on KSYM (90.1 FM) and has known Ron since the songwriter's days as a music columnist for the San Antonio Light newspaper. Cornelius is a classically trained pianist who Harrison thought would be a good bass player in his award-winning bluegrass band the Tennessee Valley Authority. He and Mary Ann have been playing music together for 18 years. Both big fans of Young's songwriting, they backed him as Young & Restless.

Hank and Mary Ann are also members of the award-winning bluegrass band Tennessee Valley Authority.